We have stopped listening to the trees, the winds, the rivers, the animals. We have stopped listening to our bodies and our hearts. We have stopped listening to our pain and to each other. It is time to find our way back home, to settle in our bodies and to fall in love with the Earth and with ourselves again.

It is my intention, through the practice of shamanic healing and counselling, to offer help in calling ourselves back home.

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism Dublin

Shamanism is one of the oldest forms of spiritual healing practice. It is found on all continents throughout various indigenous cultures. Although the geographical and cultural differences between diverse ethnic groups were significant, the worldview and methods used in shamanic healing were amazingly similar.

The shamanic worldview has always been aware of other realities (not only the physical one), interconnectedness of all there is and the mind-body-spirit relationship. It recognises that the main reason for illness is a disharmony on an energetic/spiritual level, whether caused by a trauma or misalignment with the natural world.

Our modern society quite often tends to suppress our nature (both Mother Nature and our inner free expression) and imbues damaging belief systems from the first moments of our lives. Shamanic healing is still very relevant in supporting the inner healer, which is in all of us, to bring us back into the natural balance of ourselves.