Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing can assist in healing:

Soul loss

Soul loss can happen after a traumatic event, a difficult relationship with a parent, partner, friend, after a loss of a close person or any difficult moment that caused a lot of stress and pain in a person’s life. It is a natural protective mechanism of our body used when there is too much pain to handle. The problem arises when the fragmented part does not come back to us naturally.

Some of the symptoms of soul loss:
  • not feeling fully in your body; there is a feeling of numbness and living your life seems more like watching a movie, like someone else is living it
  • feeling you’re somewhere else, being confused, shocked or frightened
  • feeling depressed, without a will or energy to live
  • having a general feeling of emptiness and that there is something missing inside
  • not feeling the same after some event or period in your life, like a part of you has left
  • not remembering a part of your life, not recalling any memories from that time
  • feeling you died together with the death of a close one or that you’re not able to let them go

With the help of Shamanic Healing and a willingness to make changes in your life you can welcome back your missing parts, start feeling more present, more yourself, more full.

Power lossback to top

When we have a strong sense of ourselves, freedom in expressing who we are and we live in harmony with Nature, our life energy flows through us strongly and freely and we feel energised, strong and open. But often that life force is blocked or is leaking due to any conditioning from childhood or society, abuse of our personal boundaries or little connection with Nature and the life’s magic.

Some of the symptoms of power loss:
  • feeling depressed, with low energy, depleted of power
  • feeling no enthusiasm, no motivation
  • feeling weak, not being able to assert yourself in life situations
  • not feeling strong in the body, experiencing chronic colds, illnesses
  • experiencing chronic misfortune, bad luck

Spiritual crisisback to top

For some people spiritual/life transformation is a fairly smooth process but for others it becomes a real crisis, where we can no longer function in our daily life. The old life structures and beliefs fall apart in front of our eyes and a lot of unconscious material comes up to the surface. The experiences we have might be so extraordinary or frightening that other people start judging us and distancing from us.

Life Crisis is a very complex process and not fully acknowledged by the western mentality, although it has been recorder for thousands of years throughout different cultures and religions. People going through such a transformation quite often feel very lonely, misunderstood and unsupported. Not knowing what is going on and being rejected by others, we might feel very scared and lost. Getting support from a person who went through a similar experience and/or have understanding of and trust in the process can be life-saving. Such guidance can help us to accept what is happening and to find our own way to empowerment and rebirth.

Shamanic journeying for help and wisdomback to top

Shamanic journeying can be also used to gain inspiration and wisdom in our daily life or to give more insight and clarity about a certain situation. Better informed, we can make better choices in our lives and bring about desired changes.