Gosia Gugala

As far back as I remember my heart has been open to the spirits of Nature and Mother Earth and I have been aware of what other people are going through inside.

Gosia Gugala

On my path of self-healing and growth shamanic practises and modalities using non-ordinary states of consciousness have had the most transforming effects and have been helping me to heal life’s traumas and get in touch with self-love and the strength to cultivate this love within and around me.

It’s a deep calling of the heart to offer compassionate and unconditional space where pain and the beauty of the soul can be witnessed and integrated and Spirit once again can blossom.

I have been offering shamanic sessions since 2011 and assisting in facilitation of Holotropic Breathwork since the beginning of 2013. I have trained in the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies, where I not only learned about the methods of core shamanism but most importantly, I recognised the importance of values such as high integrity, respect and compassion in the work of a shamanic practitioner.

Here I wrote a little bit more about my experience of shamanism.