My Experience of Shamanism

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Shamanism and its way of experiencing the reality has been an important part of my life. Especially in recent years when I dived deeper into it in order to bring more healing to my life.

Shamanism for me is a way of perceiving life. Deeply feeling in my heart and my in my body that everything is sacred as everything comes from Spirit and is an expression of Spirit. Spirit for me is the deep Stillness and what is created out of it. When I connect to other people, animals, plants, elements I experience Spirit in its unique forms having unique awareness.

And what is created out of Spirit is much, much more than only this physical plane we live in. We exist on many levels although a lot of people in the Western culture aren’t aware of it. There are also beings not having a physical form and living in other dimensions. It’s a very enriching experience being able to communicate and relate to other forms of existence. It makes me feel less isolated in the world, knowing there is a lot of support around me I can rely on and incredible healing force that I can tap into any time. We’re part of something bigger, we’re part of a community. Having such awareness is especially important in times when this support is not flowing from the people we’re surrounded with.

My Experience of Shamanism

Knowing that I live on sacred, conscious Earth and share this place with other conscious beings teaches me a lot about respect, balance and how to co-exist with each other in harmony. There is such wealth of wisdom around me. Everywhere I look and connect into is like reading a book about myself and about the Universe.

Shamanism for me is also about coming more into the body. When we are not born into a community of love, when there is abuse, neglect or trauma the spirit leaves the body or doesn’t even come fully here. So we are incarnated into the physical world but not fully present. And without really being here the life force doesn’t flow freely, there is not much power to manifest ourselves into this world and we don’t feel comfortable being ourselves.The work then is to meet the frozen past and bring back the unintegrated parts of our beings. With such healing, life becomes more about feeling empowered, strong, feeling at home in my own skin and opening to the unlimited source of life energy within me. And realising I’m my best resource of love, safety, care and acceptance and from this empowered position engaging with the world around me.

Being present here and feeling my own energy I have more awareness where and when my power goes away, how I direct it or give it away.

Of course shamanism and living life is so much more than this and each person will have their own story and their own experience. I hope that by doing our inner work, healing our wounds and opening more to the richness of life, our experience will become more alive, more fulfilling and more heart centred.